Material Design Icons macro documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the Material Design Icons macro for Confluence! This page will provide all the info needed to get started using this macro.


Material Design Icons for Confluence can be installed from the Universal Plugin Manager (UMP) within Confluence.

  • Make sure you are logged in with an Administrator account.

  • Click the cog at the top-right of the page.

  • Navigate to Add-ons.

  • Search for Material Design Icons for Confluence.

  • Click on Free trial or Buy now.


Another way to install is by downloading directly from the Atlassian Marketplace and installing it manually. Navigate to this page and scroll to “Installing by file upload“ to see how it works.


How to use

To get started with this plugin, please open a Confluence page and insert the Material Design Icons for Confluence macro. If you don’t know how to insert a macro, please read this page.

Picking an icon

Choosing an icon is very easy. The dropdown helps you by showing previews of the icon while you are typing keywords. To select an icon, you can click it.


Choosing a color

To customize the look of the icon, you can choose any color you want. It must be a valid CSS value. For example, you can enter hex codes like this: “#D82C20“, or you can just enter the name of the color you want to use. An example of this is “FireBrick“.


Entering a size

"100px", "5cm" and "10%" are examples of values that will work. Again, these are just CSS values.


Enjoy your icons!

After this, you can press save and then publish the page. The icon should be there.


Need help?

If you need help, I will provide support. You can go to this page to submit a request or incident, or just ask a question. Another option is to send an email to